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Services Offered

No matter what your goals are, all services are centered around a food positive and weight inclusive lense. 

Two Women doing health paperwork

Initial Evaluations

A 90 minute initial assessment where we will discuss your goals and any concerns that you wish to address with nutrition therapy. We will come up with a plan of action to reach these goals and address any concerns that you may have. 

Follow Up Sessions

In these 50 minute sessions, we will work towards your goals discussed in your initial session. This is where we do the most work on your relationship with  food, movement and your body. 

Two women in an office setting having a conversation
A woman speaking on stage to a crowd

Speaking Engagements

Need someone to speak at your workshop, organization, conference or school? I'm here! I'm available for speaking engagements anywhere from 30-120 minutes. I have led discussions on mental health for dancers and athletes,  fueling for performance, and general nutrition education for all individuals.

Meal Experientials

Some people need support conquering their food fears. We can work on ways to introduce new foods or address food fears together in sessions. 

Small group of people eating at a table with food on plates
Young woman stretching at home

Mindful Movement Exposures

Sometimes movement can become challenging due to some time off and fear starting up. We can do slow introductions of mindful movement once nourishing your body with the appropriate amount of fuel and rest. 

Note: I am not a personal trainer and cannot recommend exercise plans or programs


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